What to expect from coaching

It’s important to clarify up front that we don’t provide therapy: we don’t address significant mental health issues or delve far back into an individual’s past to find solutions.

Coaching conversations are also very different from those you may have with your line manager, your spouse or your friends.

Our coaches provide a challenging but supportive environment, where personal accountability is key. Simply put, that means we expect you to follow-through on your action plans! If you don’t, we’ll want to know why. Lasting change only comes about on the back of exploration, experimentation and reflection.

As such, you’ll likely be asked to complete some ‘assignments’ (we don’t like to use the word ‘homework’, for obvious reasons) and keep a log or diary of how your new ways of thinking and behaving are impacting you and those around you. Personal reflection and experimentation are key to the success of any coaching activity – we call it ‘thinking about your thinking’.

We may also use psychometric assessment in our coaching practice. This usually takes the form of completing one or more simple online questionnaires, which give you a snapshot of your personality and give your coach a framework for future conversations. These aren’t tests, but questionnaires that allow us to explore your preferred way of being, inside and outside of work.

Coaching is by definition, a time-limited activity. We’ll normally contract with a business or an individual to provide between four and six sessions, with usually last between 60 and 90 minutes.

How to get the most from coaching

To get the best from your coaching experience, we recommend that:

  • You have clarity on what precisely you’d like to achieve with coaching.
  • You are prepared to be brutally honest with your coach.
  • You’re prepared to put in some hard work in between coaching sessions.
  • You’re prepared to be challenged by your coach.
  • You’re prepared to get out of your ‘comfort zone’ and try new things.
I cannot emphasise how much Richard’s impact was productive for my professional and personal life. He helped and motivated me to work more on myself, gave me perspective on my role as a leader and as an individual.
Alvaro Duarte, Head of Studio, King

What our clients say