Development centres

What is a development centre?

A development centre is a way of using robust and objective assessment methods to highlight the strengths and development needs of a group of employees. The outputs from these assessments are then used to inform the development pathways of the employees, perhaps informing the design of a structured development programme.

Development centres tend to last between half a day and a day, and involve a selection of different assessment approaches (e.g. interviews, group exercises, psychometric assessment, etc.)

You may use a development centre approach before investing in coaching or training, to ensure you’re targeting the correct issues. Alternatively, you may use a development centre to decide who gets to participate in a ‘high flyer’ or ‘high potential’ programme.

We design challenging, engaging and bespoke development centres for our clients, which assess the attributes that are most important to them and give them the best value for the budget available.

We have designed development centres for medical professionals, graduates, investment bankers, marketing professionals and managers in a global telecoms company.

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