Team development

We design and run workshops to improve team awareness, cohesion and performance.

We use psychometric assessment to understand each team member’s perspective on working together, and then use these insights as a framework to design exercises and reflection.

The results? Team members know more about each other’s working styles and preferences, they understand how to get the most out of each other and develop a higher level of trust in each other.

These sessions can be incredibly useful in bringing new teams together, helping established teams reflect on how they could improve and preparing teams for significant known challenges (e.g. organisational change).

Our workshops don’t involve running building rafts or running around muddy fields – although that can be fun! Instead we design workshops that focus on working style, interpersonal support and learning more about each other. They are definitely fun, and nobody gets wet!

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We asked Richard to design and run a team development away day, in preparation for an upcoming organisational change. Richard spent time getting to know and understand our requirements, interviewed key senior team members and demonstrated an empathy for our organisational context.

He designed a workshop that ensured everyone contributed, allowed for open and challenging debate, and helped us focus on the actionable changes we’d like to make as a team. We found the session to be extremely valuable and I would be very happy to recommend Richard to any organisation looking for a professionally facilitated team workshop.”

Robin McIver, Director of Strategy, Planning & Assurance, King’s College

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