Our ethos

At WorkLifePsych we are guided by three core principles. These principles underpin our approach with clients and drive us to deliver the very best outcomes for organisations and their employees.

Personalised and practical

Regardless of whether it’s a series of coaching sessions, a two-day training course or a year-long structured development programme, we believe in the importance of personalised development. This means ensuring all our clients have an experience that emphasises what they, as an individual professional, can take away and put into practice immediately, taking account of their role, their skills and their personality.


We believe that organisations should be offering high-quality development for all, not just the arbitrary few. We subscribe to a broad, inclusive definition of ‘talent’ and believe that quality, challenging and relevant development is as important for the newly-arrived graduate trainee as it is for the C-suite executive.


The workplace is a veritable breeding ground for fads and fashions when it comes to learning and development. We empathise, but also emphasise the application of the science of psychology. By using evidence-based methods, we avoid falling into the trap of fashions that have no demonstrable impact.

What our clients say