Ep 115: Personal Knowledge Management

Welcome to episode 115, where we take an introductory look at the concept of Personal Knowledge Management. This concept has evolved in response to the very real contemporary experience of information overload.

When knowledge workers globally are inundated with information from the moment they wake up, how do we decide what to pay attention to? What should we keep for later? And how can we overcome the limitations of our memories, to ensure we can use this knowledge at a later date?

Richard and Pilar take a look at the core ideas of knowledge management, how it can be helpful and how you can make a start.

We’d love to hear how you address this challenge and how you deal with the ‘firehose of information’ that comes your way each day. Send us a message on Twitter or drop us an email (podcast at WorkLifePsych dot com). We always love to hear from our listeners.

Thanks for listening!

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  • Date July 14, 2022
  • Tags Effectiveness, Technology