Productivity Courses

What does it mean to be productive? Our working definition of productivity is ‘doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time’, and our productivity courses aim to support just that.

The modern professional is bombarded with demands on their attention and their problem-solving, from the moment they wake up until the very end of their evening.

Productivity isn’t necessarily about doing more, but more about doing more of the right things, at the right time and in the right way. Our courses emphasise a move away from ‘busy’ – where stress is common and reactive is the norm – to ‘productive’, where proactivity guides our focus.

Knowing how to make best use of our time, attention and energy is core to our approach to productivity training. Additionally, proactively paying attention to the interface with our work and personal roles and responsibilities can contribute to a more meaningful and productive existence.

Our productivity courses focus on key productivity skills that can be deployed in virtually any work environment. Course contents are based on principles, not inflexible processes or rules, so delegates can make them work for them, whatever the constraints of their role or organisational culture. We also highlight the skills required for navigate the work-life interface, which has been complicated by flexibility, technology and globalisation.

From Frantic to Focused:

A guide to sustainable productivity

Our flagship productivity programme is principles-based, acknowledging the variety and diversity of roles, cultures and people. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to productivity!

The programme can be run as a day-long in-house session or a four-part online programme with webinars via our bespoke learning platform.

Who is this designed for?

This programme has been designed with the modern professional in mind. Anyone who feels they have too much to do, too little time to do it, but a burning desire to do something about this.

Find out all about this course and how to complete it here.

Bite-Sized Learning

Productivity Essentials

Bite-size learning to boost your productivity

Our ‘Productivity Essentials’ sessions over the basics of everyday productivity skills, focusing on how to get the maximum return from small changes to our thinking and behaviour. They’re perfect for ‘lunchtime learning’ slots or for inclusion in an offsite, away day.

These 90-minute sessions are impactful and minimise delegates’ absence from the workplace. For geographically-distributed teams, we can run our Productivity Essentials workshops via webinar.

Productivity 101

Productivity advice is ubiquitous, but also far too generic to be useful. Books and courses tend to focus on ‘one size fits all’ solutions that clearly don’t fit anyone 100%.

This workshop focuses on establishing what it is to be productive for you, in your work context. We explore the common productivity traps we can fall into, we cover the benefits of planning and how to create an impactful and efficient productivity workflow that suits your working style.

First Things First

With demands for our attention coming from all directions, understanding where we should direct our attention and energy is a critical skill. If we don’t set our own priorities, someone else will! So this workshop focuses on both the tactical, day -to-day prioritisation of tasks, but also the strategic prioritisation of how we invest our limited time, attention and energy.

The Proactivity Habit

We all procrastinate from time to time, pushing important tasks into tomorrow, for our future selves to deal with. It’s an unproductive and unsustainable habit, yet we can easily keep telling ourselves that it’s not a problem!

This workshop is designed to give delegates the skills required to replace procrastination with a proactive perspective. We look at the root cause of procrastination and how to persist at tasks through to completion – despite how we feel about them.

Productive Focus

With the best will in the world, we can find ourselves distracted when trying to focus. Context-switching and multi-tasking are costly in terms of attention and productivity, leading to errors, inefficiency and fatigue. This workshop covers common sources of distraction – both internal and external – as well as helpful techniques to build our focus and manage our attention when it counts.

Productive at Home

The present COVID-19 pandemic has led to millions to employees moving to home-working, at short notice and with very little preparation. This session has been designed to cover the essentials of home working, to support employees to maintain their focus, while also nurturing their wellbeing. We’ll cover the practicalities of home-working, the importance of communication and the benefits of routine and structure, so the focus can be on outputs – not where the work takes place.

Work-Life Integration 101

The flexibility and demands associated with modern working life mean that we can easily fall into habits that skew our focus – leaving some of the roles we occupy in life unfulfilled and ignored. There is no balance to be achieved, merely the successful navigation of ongoing challenges. This workshop takes a fresh look at ‘work-life balance’ and offers an alternative perspective for 21st century professionals: integration of professional and personal roles, in a healthy, productive and sustainable way.