Wellbeing Courses

Proactively focusing on employee wellbeing is a concern for most organisations. Simultaneously, employees are more and more aware of the importance of maintaining the physical and mental health.
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It’s definitely not an optional extra and professionals who sacrifice a focus on their wellbeing end up burning out and fail to reach their true potential.

Our approach to training in this area is to give delegates the insight and skills required to contribute positively to the maintenance of their own wellbeing in their own organisational setting. We avoid meaningless fads and focus on what scientific evidence tells us about health, pressure and stress, and how to navigate the challenges that come our way.

Our longer workshops focus on either acquiring the skills of Psychological Flexibility – which contributes to increased psychological wellbeing and job satisfaction – or on building effective and sustainable psychological and behavioural responses to pressure. The workshops ensure employees are resilient and remain fit for the future.

Finally, our ‘Think Again’ workshop seeks to normalize and de-stigmatise discussions about mental health in the workplace.

Psychological Flexibility

Psychological Flexibility is a set of thinking and behavioural skills that supports holistic wellbeing, resilience and effectiveness in the workplace. By practicing these skills, we become more self-aware and mindful of our approach, we learn to use values rather than emotions to guide our behaviour and we learn how to pursue meaningful goals.

The scientific evidence supporting psychological flexibility is extremely powerful and the approach has been used in a wide range of organisational settings to boost employee health and satisfaction at work. Principles-led, it can be development in a variety of ways, which is reflected in our courses. Click here to learn more about the concept.

Psychological Flexibility courses

PsychFlex 101: A 90mins taster

This 90-minute taster session is a great way to introduce the concept of psychological flexibility when time is short.

The session covers the essentials of each of the psychological flexibility processes, giving delegates an opportunity to practice several of the skills such as mindful focus and clarity of values.

Perfect for ‘learn at lunch’ sessions, and one of our ‘Wellbeing Essentials’ series, PsychFlex 101 is a great jumping off point for future training or coaching or run as part of an ongoing workplace learning series. As with all our courses, this can be augmented with later one-to-one coaching.

Do What Matters

This half-day workshop covers the importance of re-connecting with our personal values and using them to persist in the face of setbacks and difficulties – processes at the very core of Psychological Flexibility.

The session includes interactive exercises to explore the role of values in our decision-making and how to clarify what really matters in life.

Delegates will learn how to use the ACT Matrix to identify patterns of behaviour that don’t align with their goals, accept what can’t be changed and to take helpful action in a valued direction.

Me at My Best

This day-long workshop represents an excellent deep-dive into all of the skills of psychological flexibility. Delegates will get to practice techniques to increase their self-awareness, to reduce the impact of their unhelpful thoughts and emotions and to put their values into practice on a daily basis.

They will learn the role of our thinking and emotions in our inner life and how to gain greater focus on what really matters each day.

Our one-day workshops can be augmented by one-to-one coaching sessions in subsequent weeks, to trouble-shoot and clarify as delegates implement their learning and deal with real-world obstacles.

Show up! Let go! Get moving!

This course is run over four, two-hour sessions. This minimises absence from the workplace, allows the training to be slotted in over shorter breaks, while also giving delegates an ample opportunity to practice the skills in between each session.

Delegates will learn how to adopt a mindful approach, extract themselves from internal struggles and how to put their values into practice in pursuit of meaningful goals.

This series can be augmented by one-to-one coaching sessions in subsequent weeks, to trouble-shoot and clarify as delegates implement their learning and deal with real-world obstacles.

Working Sustainability

Working sustainably is all about acquiring the skills to better respond to the challenges we encounter, while also developing a resilient mindset and helpful, healthy coping habits.

We challenge delegates to explore how they respond to setbacks and worries and how changes to their thinking and behaviour will assist them in persisting and overcoming difficulties.

Our training programmes are highly interactive, memorable and evidence-based, with an emphasis on action -planning for sustainable behaviour change.

Working Sustainably courses

‘A mind like water’ – Dealing effectively with pressure and stress

This workshop demystifies job-related stress and explores the mind-body interface, so that delegates understand where their experience of stress comes from. We share a combination of thinking and behavioural skills to help delegate re-appraise pressure and respond to it in a more sustainable and effective way.

Delegates will learn how to deal more effectively with the things they can’t control and and how use healthy and sustainable coping strategies in the face of pressure.

‘Fit for the future’ – Developing a resilient outlook

This day-long workshop focuses on identifying appropriate thinking and behavioural responses to challenges and setbacks, and building an effective strategy for boosting resilience. We cover the building blocks of resilience, how to overcome setbacks and how to persist in the face of challenges.

This workshop can be augmented with the completion of a Resilience questionnaire (the RQi) and individual feedback, to provide a truly tailored and individual insight into their resilience journey.

‘Think again’ – Understanding mental health at work

This workshop focuses on demystifying mental health and increasing delegates’ comfort in speaking about it. We present mental health as a continuum, rather than categories or labels. We explore the origins of common mental health conditions (e.g. depression, anxiety, job-related stress), their prevalence in the population, and the success of various therapeutic interventions.

This is not a therapy workshop, rather an opportunity to focus on facts and have a helpful discussion about everyone’s mental health.

Wellbeing Essentials

Bite-sized learning to boost your wellbeing

These 90 minute workshops represent an interactive and impactful way to introduce key wellbeing concepts to your employees. Designed to fit in with ‘learn at lunch’ or offsite gatherings, the sessions are designed to capture delegates’ attention and cover skills they can put into use immediately.

When operational arrangements mean day-long workshops aren’t practical, our Wellbeing Essentials sessions are a fantastic alternative. And for geographically-distributed teams, all of our Essentials sessions can be delivered remotely via webinar. Just get in touch to find out more.

PsychFlex 101

The perfect introduction to the skills of Psychological Flexibility, PsychFlex 101 explores the various ways our thinking and typical responses to unpleasant events in our environment can trip us up. Delegates will learn how develop thinking and behavioural skills to develop a better relationship with our thoughts and emotions, to persist in the face of challenges.

Sleep 101

Sleep is one of the most important building-blocks of our wellbeing, yet it’s something that modern life encourages us to neglect. Despite knowing intuitively that we feel better after a good night’s sleep, many of our habits impact sleep quality on a regular basis. This session busts common myths about sleep, explains the benefits of sleep for our wellbeing, productivity and effectiveness at work, while also exploring how we can improve the quality and duration of our sleep.

Resilience 101

This workshop explores the thinking and behavioural habits that contribute to our resilience. We present resilience, not as a magical quality that only a few possess, but as a set of skills that virtually anyone can develop. The focus is on cultivating a plentiful ‘toolkit’ of psychological resources now, to better deal with the future challenges and setbacks we’re likely to face at work.

Business Travel 101

Regular business travel has the potential to seriously impact our psychological and physical wellbeing. In this workshop, we explore the risks associated with this kind of travel, the impact they can have on us and ways to cultivate helpful and healthy habits to better cope with the demands of travel.

Mindfulness 101

A mindful focus on the here and now is one of the core skills of Psychological Flexibility. Yet our workplaces are littered with distractions and we’re actively encouraged to multi-task! This session represents an interactive and accessible introduction to developing mindful focus and attention management, to give delegates the ability to better notice when their attention wanders and how to direct it where it’s most helpful.

Managing Pressure 101

The average workplace is littered with sources of pressure and stress, yet we can all respond to these stressors in different ways. This workshop explores typical responses to pressure, busts myths about stress, and shows delegates how to minimise the impact of stressors and how to use healthy and sustainable coping skills.