Professional. Impactful. Human.

Getting along and getting head. The skills that help you succeed when working with others.

Our professional effectiveness proposition focuses on the key skills and approaches which complement the contemporary professional’s technical skills. We avoid references to ‘soft skills’, as these interpersonal skills are key to thriving in an interdependent workplace – coaching, developing and leading.

Our mission is to help people move from merely surviving work to actually thriving at work, supporting productive and sustainable working practices in the process.

At WorkLifePsych, we want to give employees and organisations the tools they need to effectively manage relationships, navigate challenges, develop others and be a positive role model of leadership.

How we can help

When it comes to effectiveness at work, we can help you and your employees from several complementary perspectives.

Strategic Guidance and Support

Identifying and quantifying your organisational challenges when it comes to the development of your employees’ effectiveness. Clarifying the problem at hand, aligning solutions against your strategy and values and evaluating outcomes.

Employee Coaching

Coaching for your leaders, managers, graduates and individual contributors, to unlock their potential and help them manage their interactions with others in an interdependent world.

Developing others

Training for professionals at all levels in how to develop others, including provision of high quality coaching skills courses, from introductory to masterclass level.

Leading others

Training for professionals at all levels in how to lead others, including leading people through change, managing virtual and remote teams, and fostering innovation and psychological safety in the workplace.

Coaching Culture

Support with introducing a coaching culture to your organisation, from strategic planning and stakeholder research, through to briefing, training and ongoing coach support and supervision.

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