Knowledge. Skills. Experience.
We create bespoke, engaging and impactful development experiences for employees at all levels.

Our team has created bespoke development programmes for graduates, managers and aspiring organisational leaders, across a range of key themes, and facilitated workshops to develop teams.

But we also know that different organisations have different requirements, which is why we don’t have ready-made, off-the-shelf solutions.

Instead, we adopt a personalised approach, to develop a solution which reflects your specific needs, with an emphasis on giving your employees skills and knowledge which they can put into practice immediately, taking account of their role, their skills and their personality.

Why work with us?

  • Our experience across sectors, industries, geographies, organisational contexts and levels of seniority means we can translate key concepts for virtually any audience or environment.
  • Our evidence-based approach means we use methods and concepts that work – we avoid fads, fashions and out-of-date ideas about people at work.
  • Our flexible and pragmatic approach means a good experience for everyone – we want to create development experiences that challenge and delight.
  • We play nice with others! We can make relevant contributions to your existing programmes and partner with your other expert suppliers and internal talent professionals.
  • We can work at any scale – from one-off team development sessions through to continent-spanning leadership programmes.

Our approach to people development

When it comes to creating development experiences for your employees, we know it can be daunting to entrust such a key activity to an external partner. We work with our clients, to ensure we create a fit for purpose experience, avoiding the inevitable awkwardness of one-size-fits-all approaches.

We adopt a personalised approach, to develop a solution which reflects your specific needs, timeline and budget. We place an emphasis on giving your employees skills and knowledge which they can start putting into practice immediately.

To find out more about our development solutions, select from the options below.


Structured development programmes

When it comes to development programmes, we design programmes for clients on a case-by-case basis, ensuring alignment with strategic goals, organisational culture and the development needs of the delegates taking part. And while similar themes may be relevant in varied organisational settings, the way we handle theme is always sensitive to the context.

Our approach to development programmes

Our development programmes typically run between 3 and 18 months and frequently include one-to-one coaching. Typical programmes include a selection of relevant modules, each of which can be run on multiple occasions to keep cohort sizes small and interaction high.

Each of these is specifically tailored for the delegate group in question. Creation of bespoke development programmes is preceded by a thorough needs analysis, so we can offer content that is right for you and your delegates.

We have developed programmes for newly-hired graduates, newly-appointed managers, experienced managers and leadership teams.

When creating a development programme, you can select from one of two simple options:

  • A truly bespoke programme, with newly-crafted content, based on a needs analysis. This is the gold standard, with an output that reflects your strategy, culture, vision and values.
  • A modular programme, based on a combination of our existing ‘Bite-sized Learning’ modules. This pragmatic approach means you can combine content into a rolling programme that meets your needs, without all the upfront investment of time in bespoke design.

Whatever the option, we will of course reflect your ethos, your aims and your organisational context.

Themes we have previously included in our programmes include:

Strategic Thinking

Commercial awareness

Developing resilience

Negotiating and influencing

Delegation skills

Managing emotions at work

Stakeholder management

Personal productivity

Team Development

The phrase ‘team development’ can bring back unpleasant memories of uncomfortable ‘trust-building’ exercises, over-sharing of personal information and inappropriately-chosen outdoor pursuits.

We take a very different approach.

We design and run workshops to improve team awareness, cohesion and performance.

When we work with a team, we have the following goals in mind:

  • Building individual and collective self-awareness
  • Building interpersonal trust and collective psychological safety
  • Identifying what works and what needs to change
  • Getting commitment for action and setting out next steps

Regardless of the topic at hand, it’s key that team members feel they’re working with someone professional and experienced and you can be sure that our facilitators have years of experience working with teams across industries and continents.

Our workshops don’t involve running building rafts or running around muddy fields – although that can be fun! Instead we design workshops that focus on working style, interpersonal support and learning more about each other. They are definitely fun, and nobody gets wet!

Common scenarios where we work with teams:

Bringing together the members of a newly-formed team

Preparing a team for organisational change

Gathering a team together after restructure and change

Building trust and psychological safety

Support in dealing with pressure and workload

Improving team efficiency and productivity