Engaging. Challenging. Professional.
Our training courses have been developed to echo our core goals of improving productivity, wellbeing and effectiveness at work.
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All our courses are infused with effective psychological perspectives and acknowledge the realities of working life.

We emphasise making the best use of the time we have together. We ensure you leave each course with a set of practical and actionable insights.

We understand that attending a training course can feel like a sacrifice – while work is piling up back at your desk.

If operational demands make it more difficult to attend a one or two-day course, or if your organisation is interested in a very introductory course on a topic, we also offer short, bite-sized learning experiences.

These 90-minute ‘101’ sessions provide an interactive introduction to a topic, and provide delegates with a skill or tool to implement immediately.

What you can expect from our training

A senior and experienced facilitator.

A facilitator who is passionate about the topic.

High quality training materials for you to use again later.

A course that challenges, but also develops.

An enjoyable learning session.

Our emphasis is on combining our experience of the work environment with our expertise as practitioner psychologists, to give delegates a learning experience that is relevant, challenging and practical.

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Our Training Courses


Proactively focusing on employee wellbeing is a concern for most organisations. Simultaneously, employees are more and more aware of the importance of maintaining the physical and mental health. It’s definitely not an optional extra and professionals who sacrifice a focus on their wellbeing end up burning out and fail to reach their true potential.

Our approach to training in this area is to give delegates the insight and skills required to contribute positively to the maintenance of their own wellbeing in their own organisational setting.

We avoid meaningless fads and focus on what scientific evidence tells us about health, pressure and stress, and how to navigate the challenges that come our way.
Our longer workshops focus on either acquiring the skills of Psychological Flexibility – which contributes to increased psychological wellbeing and job satisfaction – or on building effective and sustainable psychological and behavioural responses to pressure. The workshops ensure employees are resilient and remain fit for the future.

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What does it mean to be productive? Our working definition of productivity is ‘doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time’, and our productivity courses aim to support just that.

The modern professional is bombarded with demands on their attention and their problem-solving, from the moment they wake up until the very end of their evening. Knowing how to make best use of our time, attention and energy is core to our approach to productivity training. Additionally, proactively paying attention to the interface with our work and personal roles and responsibilities can contribute to a more meaningful and productive existence.

Our productivity courses focus on key productivity skills that can be deployed
in virtually any work environment. Course contents are based on principles, not inflexible processes or rules, so delegates can make them work for them, whatever the constraints of their role or organisational culture. We also highlight the skills required for navigate the work-life interface, which has been complicated by flexibility, technology and globalisation.

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Our effectiveness training proposition focuses on the key skills and approaches which compliment the contemporary professional’s technical skills. We avoid references to ‘soft skills’, as these interpersonal skills are key to thriving in an interdependent workplace.

Within the effectiveness training theme, we make a distinction between courses focusing on developing others and courses focused on leading others.

Developing others is all about giving professionals the key skills in people development to make them rounded and effective managers. We emphasise development as an ongoing dialogue, rather than just the scheduled events required by the organisation. This is particularly reflected in our coaching skills training courses.

The ‘Leading others’ workshops focus on what managers need to be able to do for their teams – manage relationships, manage change, built trust, provide effective feedback and foster creativity and innovation.

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