Coach on Campus

Accessible. Agile. Effective.

An accessible and cost-effective coaching solution for individual contributors, team leaders and junior managers.

With ‘Coach on Campus’, we provide six, one-hour coaching sessions for your employees each month.

No long-term contracts, no time-consuming administration. Simply access to high-quality coaching for your employees, when it’s most convenient.

Why ‘Coach on Campus’?

Despite the positive impact workplace coaching can have on performance, productivity and wellbeing, it is still often viewed as a development intervention reserved for senior executives.

We want to change that.

Evidence shows us that in-house workplace coaches can get great results, but not every business has a sufficient pool of trained coaches to make this viable. Additionally, the costs associated with some traditional executive coaching solutions means offering coaching to the wider employee population can be prohibitive.

At WorkLifePsych, we believe that coaching is for everyone and so we have created a cost-efficient, flexible and impactful solution we call ‘Coach on Campus’. This means coaching can be made available to individual contributors, technical specialists, team leaders and junior managers, without incurring the cost of executive coaching.

How does it work?

A WorkLifePsych coach is assigned to our organisation. Six, one-hour coaching slots are made available to the organisation each month, and appointments are made via our easy-to-use online booking system.

Access to the service can be managed centrally (e.g. by your HR team) or after an appropriate briefing, your employees can book their own coaching sessions with us directly. They can book a single session and simply put their insights into action straight away, or benefit from a few sessions, as the need arises.

This meets the needs of the organisation and its employees, providing access to high quality coaching, supported by flexibility and an accessible price point – all without unnecessary long-term commitment for individuals or needless expenditure or administration for the organisation.

We can help you launch and communicate the process and ensure that coaching sessions are used appropriately.

How employees could use these coaching sessions

Unlike traditional coaching arrangements, where the coachee signs up for multiple coaching sessions in advance, employees utilising ‘Coach on Campus’ need only commit to the session they’ve booked.

At the end of the session, or even after, they can consider whether an additional session may be useful for them. This approach maximises the number of employees who can access the service. Before launching with your organisation, we can run a webinar or in-house briefing to ensure that everyone is clear on what coaching is and how it can best be used. The following represents just a brief selection of ‘Coach on Campus’ scenarios.

Dealing with feedback

John has received some challenging performance feedback from his manager and wants to understand how he can get past his frustration and take action on it. A single coaching session with one of our team helps him understand the difference between his perspective and that of his manager, the origin of his feelings about the feedback and an agreed next step to take this forward with his manager.

Interview preparation

Susan has been put forward for a promotion to team leader, but first needs to pass a panel interview. It’s been a while since her last selection interview, so she’s feeling nervous. Two sessions with one of our coaches can help Susan get clear on her strengths and how to discuss them, practice her interview technique and deal with her anxiety about the interview process.

Productivity challenges

Erica has just been made a junior manager, but is having trouble managing her new workload and responsibilities. Coaching with one of our team can help her get clarity on her new priorities, start delegating more effectively and adopt a working style that’s both productive and sustainable in the longer term.

Addressing procrastination

Sean is a talented technical specialist, whose capabilities aren’t in doubt. However, his pattern of procrastination and the impact it has on his colleagues is causing him real difficulties. Working with a WorkLifePsych coach helps Sean understand why he procrastinates periodically and gives him the tools to break this unsustainable habit.

Great reasons to go with ‘Coach on Campus’

Introduce coaching to a wider population

You may want to facilitate coaching for your more junior staff, but have been put off by the costs associated with executive coaching. With Coach on Campus, you can have six coaching sessions for less than the price of a single executive session.

Support your people during change

Organisational change can be unsettling for employees, so providing drop-in change-focused coaching sessions over a period of months can support and reassure them. This can minimise the disruption felt during change and maintain focus and productivity.

Minimise admin with our online booking system

Opening up coaching to more employees may seem like an administrative nightmare. We can support you to communicate and launch the initiative successfully, minimising the ongoing administration. Coachees reserve coaching sessions via our online booking system.

Develop your organisation's coaching culture

Many organisations strive for the creation of a coaching culture, but activity stalls after offering coaching to senior leaders. Making coaching available to a wider population is a key step in embedding that coaching culture, making coaching an accessible part of ‘how we do things here’.

Expert coaches

Our coaching psychologists are experienced and accredited. They have worked across varied organisational contexts and with professionals at all levels of seniority. So whether it’s wellbeing, productivity or effectiveness, you know your people are in safe hands.

A scaleable solution

As your requirements for coaching increase, so does our capacity to support you. We can supply more than one coach on the same day or spread multiple coaching days within the same month. And of course, should requirements decrease, we can move back to providing a single coach, on a single day each month.

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