Community Plus

A premium online community to help you be your best self.

Designed for professionals who want to access high quality learning and development activities in a flexible and impactful way, Community Plus offers expert masterclasses, free bite-sized learning webinars, online office hours sessions and a lot more.

Why Community Plus?

We have created Community Plus to support members with the challenges they face when it comes to personal and professional development:

  • Not everyone has access to structured development at work
  • Quality training can be expensive for individuals to self-fund
  • The opportunity costs of attending face-to-face training can be prohibitive
  • Self-directed personal development can be a lonely experience
  • It can be difficult to know where to start

By joining Community Plus, you’ll get access to:

  • High-quality online training courses
  • Monthly access to a coaching psychologist
  • Premium digital resources to support your learning and growth
  • Discounts on coaching sessions with the WorkLifePsych team
  • The expertise, enthusiasm and accountability of a group of like-minded professionals.

Community Plus Benefits

In addition to our monthly meet-ups and all the resources shared as part of standard community membership, you’ll get:

Office Hours

Every month, you’ll be able to join a live conversation with Dr. Richard MacKinnon. Imagine knocking on his office door and being able to ask him questions about your own development journey? Office Hours gives you all the benefits of access to an experienced Coaching Psychologist, but from the comfort of your own location. And if your timezone means attending live is a challenge, you can catch-up by watching the recording later. 

Bite-sized Learning

Every quarter, we’ll run one of our established ‘Bite-sized Learning‘ workshops. Covering skills and insights that span productivity, wellbeing and interpersonal effectiveness, these ninety-minute online sessions are the perfect length to move your learning forward. Slides for each workshop are shared afterwards, along with a recording of the session so you can revisit anything you missed. Most importantly, Community Plus members decide which session will run each quarter.

Upcoming meet-ups

Difficult conversations at work

We’ll explore the various ways we can find conversations uncomfortable, and how to overcome that discomfort in a professional and sustainable way.

Psych Flex 1

We’ll explore how psychological rigidity shows up and learn how to cultivate present moment awareness. This is part of our ‘First Steps in Psychological Flexibility‘ podcast series.

Psych Flex 2

In this session, we’ll look at how to cultivate a healthier relationship with our thoughts and how to clarify what really matters in life: our values. This is part of our ‘First Steps in Psychological Flexibility‘ podcast series.

How do I sign up?

It couldn’t be easier. Community Plus is part of our existing WorkLifePsych Community. 

You can sign up for Community Plus by clicking on the button below. Then you’ll be asked to choose a payment option – either monthly or annually.

You can choose to pay monthly, which costs a very accessible £9.99, or save a little by paying our annual fee of £99.99.

Whatever your preference, don’t forget you can take advantage of a free one-week trial of the community. You may of course have some questions before signing up to a paid commitment, so please get in touch and ask us anything.