Ep 163: Culture cracks!

Richard is joined by fellow psychologist Sarah McLellan for a discussion about organisational culture.

Sarah describes the work she has done in exploring organisational cultures, the impact culture has on the employee experience and the importance of cultivating organisational culture with intention – rather than just letting it emerge. Together, they explore some of the ways culture can go wrong, the warning signs to look for, and approaches to making culture change actually stick. From who speaks first, who gets a parking space, and who refills the kettle – it’s all an indication of culture.

Sarah has recently written about all of this in her book ‘Make it Human’ and you can get 20% off by using the code in the resources below.

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Resources for this episode

  • Is your culture cracking? Complete a less than 5-minute free diagnostic and get instant, personalised feedback to help identify where there might be culture cracks lurking: Make it Human – Culture Cracks Diagnostic
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  • Date July 4, 2024
  • Tags Effectiveness, Leadership