Thought-provoking. Impactful. Practical.

Introducing our new series of free introductory webinars, covering wellbeing, productivity and effectiveness at work. We want to share practical insights, provoke reflection and spark a desire to learn more.

Our new webinar series

We’re delighted to announce a new ongoing webinar series. These online sessions will explore a range of relevant workplace topics and challenges: introducing coaching, beating procrastination, the relevance of personal values and more.

Each will last just 45mins and will be completely free. While our first six topics have been identified, we’d love to hear suggestions from clients and contacts as to future areas of focus.

We want to provoke thought and reflection on some critical areas of the contemporary workplace and offer some guidance and solutions. Attendees will be able to ask questions and will get directed to key online resources, to continue their learning.

Access is simple – just sign up to receive a link to the relevant webinar and add it to your calendar. Feel free to spread the word and invite colleagues who you think may share your interest.

The 2020 Webinar Programme

Webinars will be scheduled every two weeks, taking place on a Wednesday. Each session will be recorded and made available for later viewing once edited.

While free, we do require attendees to register in advance. A registration link can be found for each webinar in the list below.

You can sign up for one or all of the sessions, but places are limited, so we ask that you only register if you really intend to attend. You’ll sign up via our Eventbrite page and then receive log-in instructions via email in the days prior to the webinar.

July 1st: Considering Coaching?

If you’re thinking about coaching for your own development, or considering introducing it to your organisation, you probably have questions. This session will clarify what we mean by coaching, how it can work for a range of development topics and how to get the best out of the experience. Watch the recording here.

July 15th: Reflections on coping

Many of us have found ourselves dealing with any number of setbacks, frustrations, disappointments and challenges in 2020. But how have we coped? Have we even realised how well our coping approaches have worked? This session explores coping and how we can each create a more sustainable approach to life’s challenges. Watch the recording here.

July 29th: Dealing with Procrastination

Procrastination is a habit most of us can identify with from time to time. This session will explore the psychological roots of this unhelpful habit and identify ways we can adopt a more proactive approach. Future you will thank you. Watch the recording here.

12th Aug: Less frantic, more focused

The COVID-19 crisis has shown us all that simply focusing on doing more isn’t fulfilling or sustainable. We need a new approach, one that speaks to individual perspectives and needs and will work in the longer term. In this session, we focus on key principles underlying getting more of the right stuff done. Watch the recording here.

9th Sept: The Value of Values

The COVID-19 Crisis has brought our priorities into sharp relief and illustrated for many of us what’s truly important in life. Clarity of values can help us navigate challenges and setbacks and help us avoid using volatile emotions to guide our decisions. This session will outline what we mean by ‘values’ and how we can each live a more values-aligned life. Watch the recording here.

Sept 23rd: Introduction to Psychological Flexibility

This session will provide an overview of the skills underpinning psychological flexibility, a quality that positively boosts productivity, focus and goal attainment. As it’s a skillset, it’s something anyone can learn, but where can we make a start? This session will outline simple activities to start you on your journey. Watch the recording here.

8th Oct: Sustainable Online Collaboration

With so many employees working remotely, it’s more important than ever that serious thought is given to how colleagues collaborate online. This session will focus on how to ensure that remote working is sustainable, healthy, well organised and doesn’t simply consist of a series of video meetings! We’ll be joined by Pilar Orti, the Director of ‘Virtual not Distant‘ and an expert in online collaboration. Watch the recording here.

21st Oct: Getting to grips with Impostor Syndrome

If you continually doubt your skills and competence, if you wonder if you really deserve your role or the positive feedback you receive, then you may be experiencing impostor syndrome. This can impact your career, your relationships with others and the pressure you experience at work. In this session, we’ll outline some ways to better understand impostor syndrome and explain some approaches to lessen its impact. Watch the recording here.

4th Nov: Dealing with Overwhelm

The modern workplace and our ways of working means that it’s easier than ever to feel overwhelmed. Whether it’s emails and instant messages, client and colleagues’ queries or impending deadlines – we all know what it feels like when it all feels too much. This session explores common reasons we can feel overwhelmed and practical steps you can take to deal with the situation.  Watch the recording here.

18th Nov: Work-Life Harmony

As so many of us find ourselves working at home right now, reflections on how our professional and personal selves interact are more important than ever. This session will look at the importance of considering our roles and our boundary management strategies, to ensure we maintain a level of harmony between the activities competing for our time and attention. Rather than seeking an artificial balance, we’ll explore approaches that acknowledge work-life navigation and work-life harmony. Watch the recording here.

2nd Dec: Resilience at Work

This year has sent numerous challenges our way and there’s been a lot of talk of resilience as a result. But what does it mean to be ‘resilient’ and how can we cultivate more of it? This session will cover the essentials of resilience and identify some of the evidence-based ways we can each build our resilience to more helpfully and sustainably deal with challenges and setbacks. We’ll look at the role of our thinking, our emotions, our coping strategies and our habits, giving your a formula to follow immediately. Book your place now!

16th Dec: Psychological Safety

When it comes to teams at work, a lot of emphasis has been placed on factors like skills, relationships and trust. All are important, but psychological safety represents an additional concept that team leaders and managers should be aware of. It’s associated with the sharing of ideas, identification and discussion of risks and open review of errors. This session will clarify the concept, outline its benefits and introduce some simple ways for managers to build psychological safety in their teams. Watch the recording here