Ep 102: Building Psychological Safety

Welcome to episode 102, where we build on last episode’s discussion about psychological safety.

This time, Richard and Pilar explore some of the simple ways team leaders and managers can create a culture where psychological safety can grow. We highlight some reflections points – for example, how do you respond to errors or ‘bad news’ from your team members?

We’d love to hear from our listeners about this topic – how would you rate psychological safety where you work? What have you done to improve it? What are you finding difficult about this? You can message us on Twitter (@MyPocketPsych), by email (podcast at worklifepsych dot com) or simply leave us a voicemail.

Thanks for listening!

Resources mentioned in this episode

Ep 101: Psychological Safety – https://www.worklifepsych.com/podcast/ep-101-psychological-safety/

“Time for your weekly review” video on YouTube – https://youtu.be/lsp6QrZheTE

  • Date December 16, 2021
  • Tags Effectiveness