Ep 103: Personality – don’t fence me in

Welcome to episode 103, where we take a look at personality – and the double-edged sword that comes with measuring it.

While it’s great to build our understanding of our personality, the tool used, the way it’s used and the quality of the information shared from it can all combine to make the experience sub-optimal.

There’s a big difference between the kind of personality ‘quiz’ you take online for entertainment and the scientifically rigorous assessment you’ll complete at work. But some less rigorous ones do make it into the workplace, and even the best assessments can be mis-applied. We can also over-simplify what comes out of a personality assessment – and these over-simplified models can take the form of self-limiting beliefs.

Our main message? View personality assessment as a starting point for your development, not a fence you need to stay behind. We’re all much more complex and interesting than a series of points on a graph!

We’d love to know what you think of personality assessment at work. Have you found it useful? Did it support your self-awareness and development? Get in touch via Twitter (@MyPocketPsych), email (podcast at worklifepsych dot com) or leave us a voicemail (https://camflare.io/studio/61308a654fd12/)

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  • Date January 13, 2022
  • Tags Development