Ep 104: The power of the weekly review

Welcome to episode 104, where we explore the benefits of reviewing our working week – before launching into our weekend.

Identifying learning points, successes and challenges can help us draw a line under the week and enables us to put our learning into practice the following week.

When discussed in the productivity literature, the weekly review can seem like an overwhelming task to complete. So I ease my coaching clients into reviewing their week against five simple questions. They can of course add to this over time once their review habit is established.

You can watch our video on how to use these questions here. We’d love to know if you find it useful and what you add to this checklist to make it your own. Get in touch on Twitter (@MyPocketPsych), via email (podcast at worklifepsych dot com) or via voicemail. We love to hear from you!

Thanks for listening.

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  • Date January 26, 2022
  • Tags Productivity