Ep 105: Productivity is not the goal!

Welcome to episode 105, where we look at the downside of productivity.

While it’s helpful to be mindful about how we invest our time and attention, a focus on productivity as a goal can have some serious downsides. When we set productivity as our goal, it’s the same as chasing happiness – both are temporary states and can leave us feeling unfulfilled if we believe we should be that way all the time.

Instead, we present productivity as a lens through we can can examine our life helping us to decide how to prioritise and understand what’s possible. As we point out, our time here is finite – so we can’t do it all.

We always love to hear from listeners, so tell us: what’s your approach to productivity? How does a focus on this help you? Has it ever had a downside for you? Let us know. You can contact us on Twitter (MyPocketPsych), via email (podcast at worklifepsych dot com) or leave us a voicemail (https://camflare.io/studio/61308a654fd12/).

Thanks for listening!

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  • Date February 10, 2022
  • Tags Productivity