Ep 149: Mistakes to avoid when introducing coaching

In this episode, we discuss some of the more common mistakes that occur when introducing coaching to organisations.

This is by no means a finite list of what can go wrong, but we want to flag these areas, to maximise the success of coaching. We look at the importance of having a coaching ethos, communicating the purpose of coaching to stakeholders, having standards for identifying and selecting external coaches, and supporting coachees when they try new approaches at work.

Introducing coaching isn’t as simple as finding a coach for one of your executives. It includes understanding and clarifying how it supports your organisational strategy and culture. It involves communicating its purpose to stakeholders and maintaining coaching standards. I’ve spent over a decade helping organisations introduce coaching, so this is very much based on my own experience of the pitfalls – but I hope it helps you get some clarity and consider coaching in a new light.

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  • Date November 24, 2023
  • Tags Coaching