Ep 058: PsychFlex in Action 6: Dealing with Discomfort

Welcome to the sixth episode in our series on Psychological Flexibility in the workplace. In this episode, Richard and Pilar discuss the various ways we can experience psychological discomfort (boredom, frustration or uncertainty, for example), how it can distract us and grab our attention and what we can do instead.

We discuss the role of Acceptance – the acceptance of discomfort while we take helpful action, rather than a passive acceptance of the status quo.

Reflecting on our episode on Defusion and the nature of our thoughts, Pilar had this to say:

“The important thing is not to get stuck in them. Not to let them play in our minds so often that we lose touch with who we are now, with who lives in the present. Let the thoughts emerge, but then let them fly away. Notice they are there, and say goodbye to them if they’re not helping, but welcome them if they are trying to tell you how you can confront a challenge in a different way today. Embrace them if they show you a recurring pattern that you want to break. Listen to them if they are telling you something now you didn’t know before.”

Resources mentioned in this episode

Ep056 – Seeing thoughts for what they really are: https://www.worklifepsych.com/podcast/ep-056-psychflex-in-action-4-seeing-thoughts-for-what-they-are/

WorkLifePsych Guide to psychological Flexibility: https://www.worklifepsych.com/psychologicalflexibility/


  • Date March 4, 2020
  • Tags Psychological Flexibility