Ep 082: Intentional use of technology

Welcome to episode 082, where we explore how our sometimes automatic use of technology can prevent us from being our best selves.

We look at how a more intentional relationship with our technology can free up time, attention and energy for the activities that are more aligned with our values. Richard and Pilar discuss the ‘stickiness’ of certain social media apps and how sometimes, reaching for a device is our way of avoiding something uncomfortable.

We look at ways to break this habit (if you want to!) from both a tactical and a more strategic perspective. If you have any tips you’d like to share with our listeners about cultivating a more intentional relationship with technology, do get in touch! And, of course, we’d love to continue the conversation with our listeners over at WorkLifePsych.club, our free online community all about personal development.

Resources mentioned in this episode

WorkLifePsych.club – our free online community: https://www.worklifepsych.com/announcing-worklifepsych-club/

How to make your iPhone less of a distraction (Tom Frankly): https://youtu.be/Idh24Mc72mg

  • Date March 4, 2021
  • Tags Technology, Wellbeing