Insight. Support. Accountability.

Coaching is a highly bespoke, intensive one-to-one development experience.

Coach, coachee and business sponsor work together to identify goals and desired outcomes. The coach provides ongoing supportive accountability, while the coachee explores their motivation, their habits and thinking patterns and engages in experimentation. Trying new ways of doing things and learning from this experience.

Our experienced coaches have worked with clients across a broad range of issues, including: self-confidence, adjusting to new roles, dealing with challenging relationships, preparing for retirement, managing stress and health coaching, to improve their general wellbeing. We’ve coached recent graduates, managers of large teams and senior executives.

Coaching can be a standalone development activity, or it can form part of a more structured development programme.

Where coaching can help

We often get asked ‘where can coaching help?’, which can be challenging to answer. There isn’t a finite list of things we work on with clients, but the following are topics that come up frequently:

  • Dealing with competing demands from work and home
  • Dealing with overwhelming workload
  • Career planning, career management
  • Moving into new management or leadership positions
  • Dealing with organisational change
  • Stress management

By providing an objective, third-party perspective for our coachees, by supporting them through the changes they want to make and by hold them accountable to the commitments they make, we facilitate increased self-awareness and the achievement of real personal change.

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I cannot emphasise how much Richard’s impact was productive for my professional and personal life. He helped and motivated me to work more on myself, gave me perspective on my role as a leader and as an individual.
Alvaro Duarte, Head of Studio, King

What to expect from coaching

Our coaches provide a challenging but supportive environment, where personal accountability is key.

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