Ep 147: What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

We continue our theme of answering some commonly-asked questions about coaching. This time, we look at some of the key differences between coaching and therapy.

While there are significant overlaps, in terms of the focus, the ethos, the training to be a psychologist and the skills the practitioner brings – there are some key important differences. The topics covered usually differ quite a bit, as well as the original rationale for seeking professional support.

That said, both are concerned with growth. Both focus on the power of the relationship between psychologist and client. Both depend on quality communication and conversation. And the sessions may be indistinguishable to the casual observer.

The line between the two professional activities isn’t a simple black and white division. But it ought to explored with great care and the onus is on the professional – whatever ‘flavour’ of psychologist they are – to ensure they are working within their professional competence, skills and accreditation.

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  • Date October 27, 2023
  • Tags Coaching, Wellbeing