Ep 154: Navigating deadlines

After a couple of episodes where we looked at setting and achieving goals, and the power of habits, we shift our focus slightly to examine deadlines.

These can either feel like motivating targets to hit, or a dreaded date in our calendar. Whether it’s a deadline we’ve been given by someone at work, or a deadline we’ve imposed on ourselves, the way we think about it – and the work we actually do to achieve it – makes all the difference.

Setting a deadline establishes a target – but it won’t be reached by itself. And sometimes, the act of identifying a future date for our work can represent a form of procrastination. We can improve how we work with deadlines by moving away from the automatic ‘yes’ when asked by others, and ensuring we have blocked out time in our schedules to do the necessary work. It’s also helpful to do a weekly review, so we can check for impending deadlines and ensure we’re not setting ourselves up for a bottleneck of deadlines and workload that seemed so manageable a few weeks before.

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  • Date February 22, 2024
  • Tags Productivity