Ep 156: Psychological inflexibility

This is the first episode in a multi-part collaboration with the People Soup podcast. Across the next few episodes of both podcasts, we’re going to do a ‘deep dive’ into the skills that boost our psychological flexibility.

In this first introductory episode, Richard is joined by fellow psychologist Ross McIntosh, for a discussion about psychological flexibility, its benefits and the skills that allow us to experience them. They also look at how our psychological inflexibility can show up, particularly in how we respond to psychological discomfort, and explain what to expect from the remainder of this series.

You can find out more about psychological flexibility by visiting our PsychFlex resources page and by checking out the key resources posted below.

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As ever, thanks for listening!

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Resources for this episode


  • Date March 22, 2024
  • Tags Psychological Flexibility, Wellbeing