Ep 157: Present Moment Awareness

In this second part of our series on how to develop your psychological flexibility, we look at the importance of being in the present moment, and minimising ‘mental time-travel’.

Richard and Ross look at some of the unhelpful ways our attention and focus are pulled from the here and now, along with some simple ways you can start to develop your capacity to just notice. We make the distinction between day-dreaming and all the benefits this can bring, and unwanted mental time-travel, where we can get taken to worrying imagined futures. It’s the unwanted mental time-travel that takes us away from the present moment, and the opportunities for action it offers us.

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You can find out lots more about Psychological Flexibility by visiting our dedicated page at worklifepsych.com/PsychologicalFlexibility. We’ll be updating it as the series progresses.

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  • Date April 5, 2024
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