Ep 158: Cognitive Defusion

Welcome to the third part of our series exploring Psychological Flexibility.

In this episode, Richard and Ross take a look at the skill called ‘Cognitive Defusion’. Simply put, this is when we learn to see our thoughts for what they are, not what they say they are. We learn how to look at thoughts, not through them. This allows us to get some distance from thoughts that might distract or upset us, and choose how we want to behave using the context we’re actually in to guide us.

We explain the value this skill adds and share some simple ways you can build it into your routine. From writing down the thought, to visualising it as a plate of sushi!

You can find all the resources we mention in this episode on our dedicated page for this series: Psychological Flexibility.

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  • Date April 18, 2024
  • Tags Psychological Flexibility