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If you’re considering introducing coaching to your organisation this year, we should talk! With decades of experience as coaching psychologists and organisational consultants, we know how coaching should be done and how to make it work for you.

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If 2024 is the year you’d like to work with a coach – or introduce coaching to your organisation – then you probably have lots of questions.

Join us for a free webinar on Jan 25th to learn how coaching can benefit your wellbeing, productivity and professional effectiveness.

Chartered Coaching Psychologist Dr. Richard MacKinnon will demystify coaching, bust some common coaching myths, and explain how the development of psychological flexibility can help you make the changes you want in 2024.
By attending this session you will:
  • Learn how to decide if coaching is right for you.
  • Gain clarity on why not all coaching is the same
  • Learn how coaching differs from counselling and mentoring
  • Gain an insight into how coaching actually works
  • Learn about the practicalities of a coaching programme
  • Have an opportunity to ask your coaching-related questions
It represents the perfect investment in your personal development for the start of a new year!

Our experience

An important development activity like coaching shouldn’t be left up to chance. A quick online search or “I know a guy who…” just won’t do. Not all coaches are created equal and not all coaching approaches are impactful or even helpful. 

As coaching psychologists, we bring the science of psychology to life in coaching, supporting our clients to make the valued changes that boost their productivity, their wellbeing and their sense of purpose.

We’ve worked with clients across sectors as varied as oil and gas, creative studios, financial services, marketing and PR, engineering and technology, aviation, telecoms and government. Our experience is truly international, and we’re well aware of the cultural and organisational differences that matter.

Our ethos

First and foremost, we’re evidence-based practitioners. This means we use methods that actually work, that we avoid fads and fashions and we rely on the science of psychology and coaching to make a difference.

Our coaching approach is based on the science of ‘Acceptance and Commitment Theory’, which research has demonstrated contributes to wellbeing, performance and goal-attainment.

We believe that coaching can make a significant difference for anyone, and we can tailor our approaches to suit the context and the individual involved. If your mental image of coaching is two men in suits talking to each other, we want to illustrate coaching’s other side.

Find out more about our coaching ethos and experience on our YouTube channel or check out our Coaching FAQ page.

Partnering with us

We can help you at any and all points on your organisational coaching journey.

  • Introducing one-to-one coaching for your leadership or high potential cohorts.
  • Making coaching available to a wider population with ‘coach on campus’.
  • Creating processes, comms and guidance to ensure coaching is used and understood by all.
  • Training your own managers and leaders to be internal coaches.
  • Providing coaching supervision and CPD to your internal coaching practitioners.
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We can support your employees across a broad range of topics:


  • Handling stress
  • Building resilience
  • Psychological flexibility
  • Coping strategies


  • Beating procrastination
  • Improvising focus
  • Increasing organisation
  • Prioritisation


  • Delegation skills
  • Developing others
  • Adjusting to seniority
  • Self-confidence

Coaching skills training

We have coaching skills training courses to suit any level of experience. From absolute beginners through to experienced coaches:

Introductory coaching skills

Learn the essentials of workplace coaching with this two-day blended-learning course. The perfect start to your coaching skills journey.

Acceptance & Commitment Theory Coaching

Augment your existing coaching practice learn how to use ACT to boost wellbeing and performance.

Coaching Masterclasses

A range of one-day masterclasses for experienced coaches, covering topics across wellbeing, productivity and interpersonal effectiveness.

What our clients say

``I worked with Richard as my coach across 2016/17 with my goal of being an “intrapreneur`` who makes the business I’m taking care of sustainable. I want to innovate to surprise our audiences, foster people around a vision and multiply others’ talent. And in my business, there is a lot of passion and emotions, everything moves very fast and things change constantly. As I was gaining seniority, it was hard for me sometimes to keep a “cool head`` when taking decisions. Thanks to Richard, I got way closer to achieving this goal! I became a better leader by clarifying my innate talent, managing my emotions better, understanding the complex system I’m working within and multiplying others to get their best. Richard provided me with tips and frameworks that help me navigate through this system better every day . There has been a before and after Richard for sure!``- Delphine Sassi: Senior Games Producer, King
``I have been involved with Richard over the last few years both in receiving personal coaching and being trained as a Manager Coach to coach others in my organisation. Having personally experienced the positive benefits and work results from Richard's coaching has allowed me to coach people as part of my company's talent management programme effectively. Given the personal development I have experienced, and the results I have seen in others' development through coaching, I have no hesitation in recommending Richard to other organisation and professionals.``- Lindsay Norris: Head of Global Project Management at Gestra AG
“There is a before and an after working with Richard. Once you embark on the coaching journey, be prepared for a tremendous positive change in your daily life. Thanks to his strong experience, focus, kindness and skills, Richard successfully and gently steers you towards personal breakthroughs and discoveries. The impact of having Richard as a coach has influenced me to sign up my leadership team for the same programme.”- Alvaro Duarte: Vice-president, Casual Games, Voodoo
``I worked with Richard over 6 month period to help me prepare to move from a Director level role to a COO role. During that time Richard helped me through a number or challenges, specifically with gaining confidence in moving away from tactical thinking, looking at real-time results and into a more strategic mindset where results typically take much longer. Additionally, Richard provided me with some great techniques to help me address my 'self-talk' and step outside my comfort-zone when working in larger groups. Being an introvert at heart, the time spent with Richard has helped me both professionally and personally. I highly recommend him as Executive Coach and look forward to working with him again in the future.``-
“I am an experienced executive coach and, for various reasons, decided to find a coach to work with on moving myself and my coaching business to the next level of performance. I was recommended Richard and am very glad that I was. We went to places of depth, of breakthrough and of action very swiftly – a direct result, in my opinion, of the space which Richard created and then we co-created. Richard has a rare ability to challenge hard but in a way which doesn’t feel too ‘challenging’, feels safe and which leads to those breakthroughs. His particular mix of coaching and psychology took us to places I had not expected and the coaching led to really quite remarkable results. Thank you Richard.”-

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