Ep 092: Coaching for Productivity

In this third episode of our current series on coaching, Pilar and Richard take a look at the application of coaching when it comes to productivity.

They look at how productivity manifests as a coaching topic, the role of mindset and habits, and the common ways our approach to work can trip us up. Productivity isn’t simply getting¬†more done, but about choosing what to do with intention. Our tendency to avoid discomfort, to put off the inevitable, to strive for perfection or failure to delegate can leave us over-extended, under pressure and miserable.

Next time, we’ll look at how coaching can help when it comes to the theme of wellbeing at work. Do get in touch with your questions and feedback via @MyPocketPsych or our contact form.

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  • Date July 22, 2021
  • Tags Coaching, Productivity