It’s difficult to be an effective or productive employee if you’re unwell, exhausted or burnt out.

You may feel like you’re lacking energy to keep going or that you’re overwhelmed by what life throws at you – at home and at work. It may be that the pressure means that you’re losing your temper or constantly feeling tense.  Or that you simply wish you weren’t sitting up in bed reading emails late into the evening.

It’s not surprising. Work depletes our limited resources and we need space and time to replenish these psychological and physical resources. We need time to relax, sleep and recover from work.

But we also need to think about our thinking – which plays a major role in how we respond to challenges and setbacks. And to consider how useful our habits are when it comes to working hours, juggling responsibilities and coping with pressure. Simply working harder isn’t always the answer.

Our wellbeing workshops equip delegates with a practical and actionable perspective on how to improve their wellbeing – inside and out of work – in a simple, accessible and holistic way.

Our Wellbeing courses

  • Work-Life Integration – learn how to find a personalised route through work and personal challenges.
  • Develop Your Resilience – develop a selection of thinking and behavioural changes to help you bounce back from challenges.
  • Psychological Flexibility – develop key thinking and emotional skills to help you make values-based decisions and avoid emotional hijacks.
  • Stress Management – identify the origins of your stress and learn how to beat it.

What our clients say